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Marxman224 - Application for Membership
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Joined: 16th Jul 2016
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16th Jul 2016

I just filled out application 'Application for Membership'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Steam username = |68W-annabe| Mitt
Age = 15
How long have you been playing ARMA 2? = a year or two
Are you currently in other ARMA 2 or ARMA 3 units? = Every unit I've been in has fallen apart shortly after joining. Maybe this wont. ?
Why do you want to join the 22nd MEU? = My brother forced me to join. ThePunyGamer/Z. Tinlin.
I understand that this unit holds offical operations at 19:00 hours EST on Saturdays = Checked
Joined: 16th Jun 2016
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16th Jul 2016

Personnel successfully completed school of infantry training and promoted.

Sinu Dalltra
22nd MEU, commanding

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