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ACE Update/ Suggestion Thread
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7th Aug 2016

Purpose of this Thread:

To inform members of the most recent changes to the ACE Mod, and for members to suggest meaningful changes or additions to the mod.

Most Recent Version:
version 1.6



version 1.6

Enabled Custom Mirror Keys (Configurable in ACE Settings)
Fixed ACE Disposable Launcher script errors.

version 1.5

Fixed error codes/bugs in mirror addon (kicking other players out of sights)
Fixed Errors in ACEX BTR Modules

version 1.4

Fixed Errors in ACE Fire Module
Fixed Errors in ACE Sight Adjustment Module for Vehicles
Updated fast grenade mod
Fixed Errors in ACE Reticle system (kicked out of sight view)

version 1.3

Added FFV enhance system for landrover, atv, blackhawk, chinook, SOV humvee and GMV humvee
Tweaked AI settings (spot distance at night)
Fixed error codes in ace_sys_reticles
Fixed error codes/bugs in mirror addon
Added Trench and Camera mods
Removed 40mm far fragmentation
Removed Russian Vehicles and many weapons from weapon zeroing capability; conflicted with ACE.
Fixed error codes in ace_sys_explosives
Fixed error codes in ace_sys_arty_m119
Enhanced marker lines and drawing function in ace_sys_maptools
Expanded No_Group_Markers addon to include attack waypoints and custom waypoints
Fixes script error on RHS_Decals
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Joined: 29th Jun 2016
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7th Aug 2016

Example Suggestion or Bug Report:

Players being kicked out of aiming down sights. Does not happen with the mirror mod enabled. Happens to almost everyone.
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19th Oct 2016

Something to note: You need to download ACE.. and set ur aceclippi before you add the custom ace pack, or it wont setup - found out today while helping beaver set it up

C/Sgt. Valkyrie (2 PARA) "Section Leader - Sierra 2"

Forum » General » Mod Information & Troubleshooting
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