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[7/16/16] Operation Stacking Swivel
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16th Jul 2016

In support of decades-long drug interdiction programs in Latin America the 22nd MEU has been deployed to Latin America to serve as a tactical asset for the theater commanders in the area.

A rifle squad detachment has been selected to perform a search and destroy mission for a known narcotics manufacturing facility. Aerial reconsecration using forward looking infrared has narrowed the location of the facility to either the town of Staroye or Msta.

Operational Order
Date of Execution: 16 July 2016
Time of Execution: 03:00 (19:00 EST)

Time - 16 July 2016 03::00 Local

Task Organization - 1x infantry squad

Area of Interest - AO Gulf consists of primarily rural, moderately wooded terrain. The area contains moderate changes in elevation.

Area of Operation - AO Gulf - AO Gulf includes the area marked in Figure 1. See Figure 1 for a map of the area.

Observation and Fields of Fire - Ingress into the town of Staroye from the North provides ample fields of fire. Hill 336 overlooks the town of Msta and also provides excellent sight lines into Staroye.

Avenues of Approach - The best scheme of maneuver would be a quick movement to occupy the elevation overlooking both of objective towns. Preferably, Staroye would be observed and secured first -- followed by Msta.

Key Terrain -  The most critical terrain in AO Gulf is the elevation overlooking both towns.

Cover and Concealment - AO Gulf consists of wide open field-like terrain interspersed by dense forests. Wooded areas in AO Gulf provide ample concealment and light cover to infantry. They also provide ample concealment from observation from the air. Buildings and defilade are the only available cover.

Weather - 90 degrees F. Chance of precip 50%. Winds light and variable. Visibility > 4KM. Chance of fog.

Enemy Forces
Composition - Unknown. If contact is made with enemy forces they will be militant forces involved in drug manufacturing operations.

Disposition - Defensive posture.

Strength - Unknown.

Recent Activities - Manufactured illegal narcotics.

MLCOA - Defend in place.

MDCOA - Counter attack of assault force.

Friendly Forces

 US Mission - Destroy enemy's ability to manufacture narcotics.

 US Endstate - Minimal injury to personnel. Enemy unable to manufacture narcotics.

Civilian Considerations
Civilian Presence - No civilian presence anticipated.

On order, USMC personnel will utilize vehicles to convoy to a disembark point to be determined. They will maneuver on foot to gain elevation on assumed enemy locations and will engage if they are at an advantage. USMC personnel will destroy equipment and vehicles used in the manufacture of narcotics.

Commander's Intent - Completion of mission with minimal USMC injury and death.

Scheme of Maneuver - Element will be maneuvering via vehicles to gain access to AO Gulf. Element will then maneuver on foot.

Fire Support Plan - UH-1Y's are available for E-CAS if needed.

Logistics - Load outs forced by LEA. An ammo-box will be available to change weapon optics if needed.

Medical - Self aid -> Buddy aid -> Corspman -> EVAC via vehicle

ROE - Weapons tight.

EPW - Disarm, restrain & leave on site.

Command and Signal

Smoke Signals:
Green Smoke: Friendly Position
Red Smoke: Enemy Position
White Smoke: Concealment
Yellow Smoke: Concealment
Blue Smoke: General Emergency / Unit In Distress
Purple Smoke: Causality / Medical Emergency

Radio Channels (AN/PRC-343)
1-1 Alpha: Ch1
1-1 Bravo: Ch2
1-1 Charlie Ch3
1-2 Alpha: Ch4
1-2 Bravo: Ch5
1-2 Charlie: Ch6

Radio Channels (AN/PRC-148 or other VHF)
Platoon Command: Ch1
1-1 Squad net: Ch2
1-2 Squad net: Ch3
Map: Chernarus

Required Mods:
Updated ACE mod (by Kokesh)


Sinu Dalltra
22nd MEU, commanding

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