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[7/1/16] Operation Safehaven
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1st Jul 2016

Several months ago, an extremist Islamic-driven militant force moved into the once-peaceful island of Carribou. This group immediately set to work enforcing strict Sharia law on the local populace -- which has been continually putting up a fierce civilian resistance since the occupation. For the entire regional conflict, the resistance has been using hit and run tactics to kill Islamic fighters and retrieve their Eastern Block weapons and ammunition.

The key to the enemy's success has been their use of motorized infantry as a terror weapon against the local populace. A squad of determined resistance fighters has been formed to attempt to disrupt and destroy the enemy's ability to utilize vehicles to transport their fighters throughout the island. The base of the enemy's motorized detachment is a small peninsula on the north of Island.

Today, the resistance goes on the offensive.

Operational Order
Date of Execution: 1 July 2016
Time of Execution: 15:00 (19:00 EST)

Time - 1 July 2016 15:00 Local

Task Organization - 1x infantry squad (REIN)

Area of Interest - AO Zulu consists of extremely rural, moderately wooded and extremely mountainous terrain.

Area of Operation - AO Zulu - AO Zulu includes the area marked in Figure 1. See Figure 1 for a map of the area.

Observation and Fields of Fire - A high mountain range runs the length of the center of the peninsula. This mountain range affords the best possible firing position on any troops to the north.

Avenues of Approach - The best possible approach would be a direct movement following the mountain range in the center of the island. If this is not possible, dirt roads on both sides of the peninsula may be utilized but at the risk of exposing troops to fire without adequate cover.

Key Terrain -  The most critical terrain in AO Zulu is the center mountain ridge.

Cover and Concealment - AO Zulu is dense in vegetation and moderate in tree cover. Personnel will have sufficient concealment when prone in vegetation. It will be extremely difficult to identify enemy personnel if they are prone or not otherwise sky-lining. Careful and purposeful reconnaissance of upcoming areas will be critical before major element movements. Ground personnel should expect movements to be far more time consuming than usual -- unless troops are in contact with enemy forces.

Weather - 55 degrees F. Chance of precip 20%. Winds light and variable. Visibility > 4KM.

Enemy Forces
Composition - True composition of enemy forces is unknown. Enemy forces in the area are untrained armed religiously-motivated personnel. Enemies known to utilize motorized forces with great effect. Enemies known to possess primarily Eastern Block hardware (AK-47s, RPGs, PKMs).

Disposition - Unknown.

Strength - Assumed to be 1 x infantry platoon (REIN).

Recent Activities - Carried out attacks against civilian populace with technicals and other vehicles.



Friendly Forces

Resistance Mission - Disrupt enemy ability's to use vehicles in future combat.

Resistance Endstate - Minimal injury to  personnel. Minimal contact with enemy forces. Complete destruction of enemy's vehicular reserve.

Civilian Considerations
Civilian Presence - The civilians presence in AO Zulu was successfully evacuated thanks to the resistance's close ties with the local populace.

On order, resistance fighters will maneuver on foot into AO Zulu. They will utilize the center mountain ridge to move carefully and purposefully to the two objective compounds. Resistance fighters will disrupt and destroy the enemy's ability to use their vehicles at all available opportunities.

Commander's Intent - Completion of mission with minimal contact with enemy forces.

Scheme of Maneuver - Element will be maneuvering on foot through mountainous terrain to gain firing positions on enemy objective compounds.

Fire Support Plan - No fire support available.

Logistics - Load outs forced by LEA.

Medical - Self aid -> Buddy aid -> Medic

ROE - Weapons hold.

EPW - Kill enemy personnel that attempt to surrender.

Command and Signal

Smoke Signals:
Green Smoke: Friendly Position
Red Smoke: Enemy Position
White Smoke: Concealment
Yellow Smoke: Concealment
Blue Smoke: General Emergency / Unit In Distress
Purple Smoke: Causality / Medical Emergency

Radio Channels (AN/PRC-343)
1-1 Alpha: Ch1
1-1 Bravo: Ch2
1-1 Charlie Ch3
1-2 Alpha: Ch4
1-2 Bravo: Ch5
1-2 Charlie: Ch6

Radio Channels (AN/PRC-148 or other VHF)
Platoon Command: Ch1
1-1 Squad net: Ch2
1-2 Squad net: Ch3

Map: Caribou Frontier

Required Mods:
Updated ACE mod (by Kokesh)
Caribou Frontier (map)


Sinu Dalltra
22nd MEU, commanding

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